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Pool Renovation 

If you are looking to transform your concrete pool or spa Barwon Pool Shop specialises in spa and pool renovation where we can take your old leaking or damaged pool and make it into a gleaming new pool that is functional and looks fantastic.

Our 25 plus years’ experience as a pool and spa shop means we have the experience to create a pool that will suit your home or business in both looks and the function you need it for. We provide a free quote to see the best way and cost of tacking your pool renovation plans.

As part of our pool renovation service we will:

  • Demolish and remove any old tiles, paving, heating or filtration
  • Provide decking, carpentary and landscaping
  • Install a range of tiling options including large ceramic tiles to ceramic and glass mosaic
  • Provide a large range of pool interior finishes, textures and colours
  • Install pool plumbing whether sand or cartridge filtration, pumps and salt water cholorinators
  • Install heating – gas and solar
  • Provide digital pump timers and solar controllers from basic to fully automated systems
  • Install pool lights, LED fibre optic and halogen with a variety of colours available
  • Build feature work around the pool including fencing, waterfalls or feature walls.

Bring some new life to your pool or spa – either start anew or undertake a pool renovation so you can stop looking at an eyesore and create a feature for your home. We also provide ongoing spa and pool maintenance as well as concrete pool installation. Contact us for more information or a free quote.

Renovation Examples