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Pool and Spa Supplies- Parts and Fittings


Keeping your pool or spa working smoothly involves regular maintenance which can involve replacement parts and fittings. Barwon Pool Shop supplies a large range of pool and spa parts and fittings.

Our range of parts and fittings include:

  • Cleaners:
    • Hoses, deflectors, wheels, mats and connectors
  • Pumps:
    • Lids, O rings, baskets, lids
  • Filters:
    • Multi-port valves, pressure gauges, replacement cartridges, filter mediums
  • General filtration equipment:
    • Valves, skimmer boxes and lids, main drains, suctions, eyeballs and jets
  • Pipes, fittings and plumbing:
    • PVC pipes and fittings, plumbing products

Contact us at Barwon Pool Shop. We provide all your pool and spa parts and fittings as well as a regular or occasional pool maintenance service to keep your units in top working order.